Direct Discharge Houston and Heavy Hauling

Specializing in steel pipe and transporting steel such as carbon steel plate and pipe, steel casing and coupling, and line pipe, Covey Transport is a U.S. steel distributor offering direct discharge Port of Houston transportation. Although we do move general shipments as a freight hauling company, a majority of our business involves US steel distribution and transporting steel including steel plates, I-beams, H-beams and structural steel to and from the American port.

As freight transporters, we are well aware of the pressures you face keeping products on the move. Our freight trucking company will bring forth our finest efforts while searching for more effective and efficient ways to serve you. With total dedication, we strive to exceed our customers´ expectations by making sure that every job is fulfilled with quality service.

Freight Trucking Company Services:

Port of Houston Trucking

Covey Transport, based in Houston, Texas, can provide direct discharge of steel and other freight as part of our Port of Houston transportation of imports and exports. Learn more about Port of Houston trucking.

Oversized Loads

Transporting steel or other oversized loads is a specialty of Covey Transport. Learn more about oversize loads.

Heavy Haulers in Houston

Specializing in transporting steel, our heavy haulers have the specific equipment needed to get the job done right. Learn more about heavy freight or hauling steel.

US Steel Distribution

Covey Transport offers US steel distribution as well as distribution of general freight transported. Learn more about our services as American steel distributors.

Freight Storage

After picking up a shipment of steel or general freight from the Port of Houston or other area, the freight may need to be stored before distribution. Learn more about our steel storage yard.

With 60 years of family experience, our freight trucking company will provide immediate delivery and the highest level of satisfaction to our customers when transporting steel or other freight. The US steel distribution and trucking services provided by our company are tailored to benefit you and maintain a meaningful, long-term relationship. We believe a fundamental key to customer satisfaction and to being the best trucking and distribution company is the relationship we maintain with our employees. Our drivers transporting steel and other freight for Covey Transport are treated with respect and rewarded for their contribution to customer satisfaction.